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SPIN YOUR WEB, while we take care of all the itsy-bitsy CRAZY stuff.

Meet SpiderzWeb — a 360° end-to-end suite of web services that take your business online with the least amount of effort. AND if you're already online, we simply take away all the headache in designing and running your various websites.
We designed two fabulous online shopping stores last fall. Need one?
We can get you started and take care of all the little things that get in the way of running an online store, from inventory to payments.
Zuzaz are a fashion jewellery brand from the United Kingdom. They came to us with their concept of creating an online store targeting the lucrative GCC market – so we did!
Gia Bianca are a luxury line of resort wear, hand-knitted in the city of Dubai, UAE. They ship worldwide with DHL, accept payments with Telr – and we took care of their store launch.
This summer we wrote our first book – AND – it's yours for FREE!
The sure-fire, common-sense way to avoid becoming a “me-too” business and fading away.
Every great service starts with a story. Reroot is the story of Spiderz, the many challenges of the past two decades, how we nearly lost our identity and how, we finally rerooted.
Created by Valerie Lammfrom the Noun Project
We met some of the most WONDERFUL people these past two decades. And they all became our clients.
The year 2022 marks our twentieth year in business. This lovely journey has been possible by the hundreds of lovely clients met us, and showed complete confidence in Spiderz. We can never forget your lovely contribution to our success story and want to thank every one of you that, WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!
“Spiderz have been looking after our company's Internet needs for longer than I can remember - probably 10 years or more. Highly recommended!”
Ian Ross, Director of Photography, Central Films
“Have been a client of theirs for years, very happy. Always constructive and responsive.”
Tom Bell-Wright, Chairman, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants
“Spiderz are fantastic to work with. Always prompt and with the right advice to hand. They care about their clients and their communications are always positive and friendly. I recommend them highly!”
Karen Coetzee, CEO, Central Films
“Very good, responsible, professional, and cooperative.”
Salim Sali, Manager, Juma Plastic
“Great service with professional team and quick response.”
Syed Zameer, Multimedia Designer & IT Support, Segma
“We are mighty impressed with Spiderz services. Efficient & cost effective, the service has always been on time. They are just a call away & would highly recommend Spiderz for any web hosting or domain related services.”
Prasanna Pillai, Director, Solutions Consult
“Professional company, super fast service, right partner.”
Ehsan M. Soltanieh, Commercial Manager, Kalhour Oilfield Equipment
“Spiderz have done a great job for us. Not to say that the team is quite efficient and one of the leading companies who have a great horizon at their hand due to their continuous follow ups and not to say thinking of us before we can think of them. Very professional service, true quality work. Thanks for being our partner.”
Abdul Karim, Director of Operations, Kalhour Oilfield Equipment
“Always get prompt response and best QoS. Very professional and great team response. Highly recommended.”
Owais Sorathia, Director, Onwire Technologies
“Excellent Service :)”
Joy Gomez, Admin Manager, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants
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