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42% of customers say they’ll leave a website that functions poorly*

We create turbo-charged websites that drive traffic and look stunning. We also take care of everything from content-to-code-to-promotion, so you can do what you do best, run your company and make money! Now isn't that something you really want?
Photograph of Yasser Masood, founder of Spiderz
Hey, I'm Yasser!*
My team and I transform shabby-looking, old, mobile-unfriendly, slow as a tortoise, poorly coded, dead traffic websites into sites that look fresh, are optimized for humans, run fast, and attract traffic like a magnet. My only question is, what site is yours?
Website designing services from UAE's tech hub—Dubai. At a fraction of the cost you'd pay elsewhere.
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At Spiderz, we work on all kinds of projects—from simple sites to intricate web-based systems. If you're looking for consulting on your web project, we're the right fit! Our years of project management expertise can be of great help to your organization.
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What are WordPress themes and how do they work?
What are WordPress Themes?

Introduction Themes are what make a WordPress site look different to another. They’re made up of various files that can be edited and changed, allowing

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20 Years and COUNTING.
June 4, 2022 marked our 20 years in business as a web design services company. We thank all the lovely people who chose us and showed confidence in Spiderz!
Dubai web design agency - Spiderz
“Spiderz have been looking after our company's Internet needs for longer than I can remember - probably 10 years or more. Highly recommended!”
Ian Ross, Director of Photography, Central Films
“Have been a client of theirs for years, very happy. Always constructive and responsive.”
Tom Bell-Wright, Chairman, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants
“Spiderz are fantastic to work with. Always prompt and with the right advice to hand. They care about their clients and their communications are always positive and friendly. I recommend them highly!”
Karen Coetzee, CEO, Central Films
“Very good, responsible, professional, and cooperative.”
Salim Sali, Manager, Juma Plastic
“Great service with professional team and quick response.”
Syed Zameer, Multimedia Designer & IT Support, Segma
“We are mighty impressed with Spiderz services. Efficient & cost effective, the service has always been on time. They are just a call away & would highly recommend Spiderz for any web hosting or domain related services.”
Prasanna Pillai, Director, Solutions Consult
“Professional company, super fast service, right partner.”
Ehsan M. Soltanieh, Commercial Manager, Kalhour Oilfield Equipment
“Spiderz have done a great job for us. Not to say that the team is quite efficient and one of the leading companies who have a great horizon at their hand due to their continuous follow ups and not to say thinking of us before we can think of them. Very professional service, true quality work. Thanks for being our partner.”
Abdul Karim, Director of Operations, Kalhour Oilfield Equipment
“Always get prompt response and best QoS. Very professional and great team response. Highly recommended.”
Owais Sorathia, Director, Onwire Technologies
“Excellent Service :)”
Joy Gomez, Admin Manager, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants
Photograph of Yasser Masood, founder of Spiderz
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