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Well begun is half done.
Imagine a service that takes your business online and you never have to bother about finding a dozen service providers. Imagine a small fee that you pay every month. Imagine Spiderz, your all-in-one web services and solutions super suite.
AED 200/mo.
AED 190/mo. annually
Secure, seamless, handcrafted to perfection—your online presence simplified.
A custom-designed WordPress site, content services, Google Site Kit, Cloudflare, domains, AWS hosting, 64 GB storage, standard email, Google or Microsoft email options, priority support.
AED 800/mo.
AED 760/mo. annually
Collaborative, streamlined, crafted for synergy—your team's online footprint, magnified.
All Pro plan features, a WooCommerce store for e-commerce, multiple payment options, MailPoet email marketing, more domains, 256 GB storage, additional email accounts, Bitwarden, CrashPlan backup.
AED 3200/mo.
AED 3040/month annually
Boundless, robust, meticulously crafted—kicking online goals, from start to finish.
All Team features, yearly site refresh, seasonal artwork updates, site performance checks, Google Ads campaigns, Cloudflare Pro, social media management, even more domains, 1 TB storage, expanded security.
Prices are VAT exclusive. VAT charged at 5% per transaction. Monthly payment options include a small setup fee.
Over 20 services and 100 features. One subscription.
A new, custom designed site.
SEO-optimized, well-written content.
Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.
Design and content refreshes.
An e-commerce store.^
Cloud hosting to run everything.
As many domains as you need.
Scalable storage for web and email.
Unlimited email accounts.
Google & Microsoft email options.
Effective spam filtering.
SSL security for all domains.
State-of-the-art website firewall.
Reliable weekly backups.
Site performance reviews.
Easy-to-use control panel.
Comprehensive help center.
Priority support when you need it.
Questions? Answers.
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