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MailChimp Announces Changes to Free Marketing Plan: Lowers Limits on Contacts and Email Sends

MailChimp, the popular email marketing platform, and one we have used and recommend for over two decades, has announced changes to its Free Marketing plan. Starting March 10, 2023, there will be new limits on the number of contacts users can have in their account and the number of emails they can send each day and month.

According to MailChimp, the new contact limit will be up to 500 contacts, while the monthly send limit will be up to 1,000 emails. The daily send limit will be up to 500 emails.

Users who exceed the 500 contact limit in future will need to upgrade to a paid plan or archive enough contacts to continue sending emails. The same applies to users who want to send more than 1,000 emails per month or more than 500 emails in a day.

MailChimp’s Legacy Free plan offered up to 2000 contacts, 12,000 monthly sends and 2,000 emails in a day. When compared to the new limits that come into effect in March, the Mailchimp free marketing plan has shrunk by a lot:

Contact limit – Up to 2000 500 contacts
Monthly send limit – Up to 12,000 1,000 email sends
Daily send limit – Up to 2000 500 email sends

The Free Marketing plan will still offer access to the same features that users currently enjoy. The pricing page on MailChimp’s website provides a list of features for each plan, as well as a pricing calculator to help users determine the best plan for their needs. MailChimp has also provided a pricing plan resource to answer common questions about its plans and billing.

While MailChimp is a great solution, and new features have been added over time, the charm of having a reliable service with good limits in the form of the free plan may have diminished a bit.

At Spiderz, we continue to recommend MailChimp to our clients due to our history and trust with the platform. That said, there are tens of similar email marketing services in the guise of Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, Drip, Sendinblue, Hubspot Marketing Hub, Klaviyo, and Keap. You may consider and choose one of these, since, different platforms, offer different features, pricing plans, and target audiences.

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