What are WordPress themes and how do they work?

What are WordPress Themes?


Themes are what make a WordPress site look different to another. They’re made up of various files that can be edited and changed, allowing you to choose your own design for your website.

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that define the look and feel of your website.

Themes can be free or paid and are installed on top of a WordPress website to change its appearance.

Themes are downloaded from the WordPress repository or from third-party marketplaces such as ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Envato Market and Creative Market.

Most novice web developers choose to use pre-built themes for their clients.

The best way, however, is to use a well-documented theme like GeneratePress and customize it for the kind of project you’re building.

Themes are used to change the appearance of your website.

WordPress themes are used to change the appearance of your website. This can be done with a few clicks, as some themes are very easy to use. The best WordPress themes will allow you to change the colour, fonts and layout of your site with just a few clicks.

You can also make your site more personalised by using one of the many customisation options that come included with most WordPress themes. A lot of these features include drag-and-drop elements so that you don’t have to code anything yourself!

While this level of customisation is great for bloggers, it’s also beneficial for businesses who want something a bit more professional looking on their sites without having to code everything themselves from scratch (which is extremely time consuming).

A theme is comprised of various template files, images, and stylesheets.

A theme is comprised of various template files, images and stylesheets.

A WordPress theme controls the layout and styling of your website. In other words, it’s what you see when you load a page on your site. Every page on your site has a template file associated with it that defines how the content will appear in that area of the site. A typical website consists of dozens or even hundreds of templates spread across multiple pages – sometimes called “child” templates (because they’re nested under an “parent” template).

A WordPress theme also consists of CSS files which control how elements within each individual post appear onscreen. These are usually combined into one big CSS file for simplicity’s sake. Themes can also include JavaScript files which help manage things like pagination links, comment forms, etc.

WordPress themes can be free or paid for.

There are two ways to get WordPress themes.

Free ones are available from the WordPress.org repository and may contain paid upgrades. Besides that, paid themes can also be bought directly from their publishers.

Free themes are often less feature-rich than their premium counterparts, but they can still make your site look great if you don’t require a lot of bells and whistles.

You’ll find that many of these themes have basic features like responsive design (meaning it adapts to look good on devices of varying screen sizes) as well as custom header images and color schemes.

Some even include sliders or other interactive elements that allow users to interact with them easily without having any coding knowledge.

Paid themes tend to offer more advanced options or extra extensions beyond what’s included with most free themes—but they do come with a price tag attached!

If you’re not sure whether you need these extras or not, try out some free ones first before deciding whether purchasing premium ones is worth it for your needs (and budget).

Premium themes are paid for, but have more options for customization.

Premium WordPress themes may cost you a dime or two, but they come with a lot of options for customization.

They also have support and updates, which means your website can be updated more often to stay current with new features.

They’re also more secure and reliable, making them the best choice for professionals who want to build an online presence that will last for years to come.

Some premium themes require yearly subscriptions, which provide regular updates and support from their authors.

There are several different types of WordPress themes, some of which require a subscription to access.

Premium (paid) themes are the most common type of theme.

These themes can be accessed for free or with a monthly or yearly subscription.

The paid subscriptions provide regular updates and support from their authors.

Free (open source) themes are also available for download on the WordPress website and many other places online.

Many free WordPress themes require you to have some knowledge of CSS styling in order to customize them yourself, but there are also plenty that come with simple options for changing fonts, colors and layouts through the Customize option, under Appearance in your site’s WordPress admin area.

WordPress themes are one way you can customise a WordPress site without needing coding knowledge.

WordPress themes are one way you can customise a WordPress site without needing coding knowledge.

With the right theme, you can change the layout and design of the site, add custom features and functionality (like an online store), change the color scheme, edit text and add images or videos.

At Spiderz, we use the GeneratePress theme and it’s GP Premium plugin

At Spiderz, we use the GeneratePress theme for our clients along with its GP Premium plugin.

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that comes with a lot of great features and options out of the box. So you can use it without having to pay anything.

Though, for advanced features, GeneratePress Premium takes GeneratePress to new heights with hundreds of customization controls, professionally designed starter sites, and block-based theme building features.

All Spiderz clients receive a free license for the first year of use for their GeneratePress Premium upgrade.

How much does GeneratePress Premium cost?

GeneratePress Premium is a paid WordPress theme upgrade.

To get access to all premium features, you can purchase a yearly or lifetime license.

The annual license of GeneratePress Premium costs $59 and gives access to premium features, regular updates and support via email.

On the other hand, the one-time license costs $249 for unlimited use on up to 500 sites.

Both licenses come with an option to request a refund within 30 days.


We hope this article has helped you understand the basics of WordPress themes.

If you’re having a hard time developing your website, or need help in creating a site for your business, feel free to speak to us.

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