What is cPanel WordPress toolkit and why it's so awesome!

Introducing, the now FREE, cPanel WordPress Toolkit!

Install, configure, and manage WordPress websites with tools such as Cloning, Smart Updates and many more!

Simplified Management for WordPress in cPanel

If you’re new to the world of WordPress, installing a website with the popular platform might seem overwhelming. Luckily, cPanel offers an easy-to-use toolkit that can help you get started.

The cPanel WordPress Toolkit (or WP Toolkit) makes it simple to install and manage your websites from within cPanel.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have everything set up so that you can create and modify your own sites using WordPress—or even make them secure with just one click!

Is WordPress Toolkit FREE?

WordPress Toolkit is available on all Linux hosting plans that we offer at Spiderz. It’s been available on our Windows servers from ages.

At launch cPanel released WordPress Toolkit in two flavors, Lite and Deluxe. Lite being the free version while Deluxe was a very expensive paid option, at $7.5 a pop per account per month (with some discounts built in for discount buyers).

As of recently, cPanel has removed all restrictions from WordPress Toolkit and made it completely free! So the Deluxe version has now been merged into the cPanel product, for free.

What does the WP Toolkit do?

cPanel WordPress Toolkit offers a simple way to install WordPress and manage your WordPress websites all in one place. These are some of the features that come along with it:

  • Customizable Installation
  • Manage Existing Installations
  • Website Dashboard
  • Change Admin Password
  • Change DB Password
  • Restore Backups
  • Manual Updates
  • 1-Click Login
  • Open DB in phpMyAdmin
  • Single Site Auto Updates
  • Search Engine Indexing Management
  • Automatic Hardening
  • Password Protection
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Debug Management
  • Plugin & Theme Sets Management
  • Cloning
  • Staging
  • 1-Click Hardening
  • Mass Hardening
  • Mass Updates
  • Security Rollback
  • Smart Updates

Some of the features like Automatic Hardening are excellent to quickly secure your WordPress install and apply security updates with a single click.

Should you wish to take a backup of both your websites root files and database, the Backup and Restore feature is simply amazing! We were able to backup one of our websites in under a minute.

Copying data from one installation to another, cloning a website, mass hardening and updates, smart updates and security rollbacks all come free now—thanks to the merging of the previously paid Deluxe license into cPanel.

cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit IS THE SAME as Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit

Plesk is a web hosting platform not unlike cPanel, yet in some ways it really ups the ante in terms of its organization and some features.

Plesk has had WordPress Toolkit from a long long time. When we first heard that cPanel were launching a toolkit too, our first thoughts were to compare their features to what Plesk offers.

To our surprise and you’d probably not know this if you’ve not used Plesk, that both the Plesk and cPanel toolkits are the same, to a 100%!

The reason is that both cPanel and Plesk are brands of WebPros and WordPress Toolkit is a collaboration between these two brands. So in this case the cPanel community has received one of the best features from Plesk—namely the popular WordPress Toolkit!

cPanel’s dated WordPress Manager is gone for GOOD!

The Toolkit offers a vast array of features that were previously unavailable in WordPress Manager, which used to be the only way to install WordPress through a rigid interface with very few basic features.

Now that WP Toolkit is fully integrated into cPanel as just another feature (not a half-baked paid upgrade), WordPress Manager has been retired and isn’t available anymore.

Get cPanel WP Toolkit NOW!

To start using cPanel Toolkit, simply login to your cPanel account and scroll down to Applications, then select WordPress Toolkit.

Once the next page loads, take a moment to let the interface sink in, then click on Scan to find all your WordPress installations under your account. Scanning can take a little time depending on the number of websites running WordPress, and once it’s done, the interface lets you manage everything from a single page.

Your Web Host doesn’t offer WordPress Toolkit? JUMP SHIP!

Want WordPress Toolkit? We offer reliable web hosting for WordPress. You’re going to love our services and support.

Yasser Masood
Yasser Masood is a partner at Spiderz. He co-founded Spiderz in 2002 in Dubai, some twenty years ago. His area of expertise is Brand development and Web technology. His other companies are CloudWeb, Zuzaz, Dyrk and 1stAccount. You can reach him by writing to yasser@spiderz.com – he’ll be happy to hear from you!
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