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Spam Filtering for email.

Spam filtering service for your email.
Zero spam? YES! At Spiderz, we use SpamExperts™ to filter millions of spam messages for our clients annually. SpamExperts™ is an industry-leading spam filtering solution for incoming email messages. If you're facing issues with unsolicited bulk mail, spam, malware or viruses targeted at your email users, consider opting for SpamExperts™. This solution safely eliminates all kinds of threats even before they reach your mail servers. Spiderz is a SpamExperts™ Channel Partner in the UAE.


Easy to configure, anti-spam filter for your domain.

  • Filter up to 1000 mailboxes per domain.
  • Monitor spam quarantine and logs.
  • Blacklist and whitelist senders.

Start from AED 350 annually, per domain.

SpamExperts™ Incoming Filter protects inboxes from inbound threats—spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats.

SpamExperts™ is a cloud-based email filtering service that keeps your business safe from spam and phishing attacks. It offers the following forms of protection:

  • Helps protect your network from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware attacks 
  • Detects new spam and malware outbreaks immediately
  • Offers increased email continuity
  • Saves on resources, maintenance, and support

SpamExperts™ uses the latest in machine learning to automatically detect and block spam before it ever reaches your inbox. 

The filter uses advanced algorithms to identify the most common characteristics of spam messages and continuously collects and analyzes data to predict and instantly identify new spam outbreaks. This accumulated intelligence is shared in real-time with all clients worldwide, ensuring timely protection against new threats.

The service filters 1000 email addresses per domain and requires a simple configuration of updating your MX records. You also get access to the SpamExperts™ Anti Spam Cloud portal to manage your quarantine, whitelists, blacklists and several other features.

Features & Benefits

Clean and safe inboxes with additional email continuity.

Email Security

Enterprise grade protection against inbound spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats.

Near 100% Accuracy

Learning from millions of emails processed daily, the SpamExperts™ incoming email filtering system has a nearly 100% filtering accuracy rate.


Continuous collection and analysis of data to predict and instantly identify new spam outbreaks–accumulated intelligence shared between clients worldwide.

Delivery Queuing

Uninterrupted email flow and increased email continuity – when destination mail servers are down – helping prevent email from being lost or bounced back to the sender.

Reviews & Praise

“Spiderz are fantastic to work with. Always prompt and with the right advice to hand. They care about their clients and their communications are always positive and friendly. I recommend them highly!”
Karen Coetzee
CEO, Central Films
“Very good, responsible, professional, and cooperative.”
Salim Sali
Manager, Juma Plastic
“Professional company, super fast service, right partner.”
Ehsan M. Soltanieh
Commercial Manager, Kalhour Oilfield Equipment

Questions & Answers

Spam filtering refers to the filtering of email you receive to make it safe from external threats.

A Spam Filter or an Incoming Spam Filter is a service that protects your company’s email by filtering out various forms of email threats that target your business.

Spam filters eliminates spam before it reaches your network. Spam filters learn from millions of emails processed everyday and use that accumulated intelligence to filter out new threats.

SpamExperts™ works with your existing email provider be it cPanel, Plesk, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

The filter works by receiving all email that is bound for your domain, filtering it and then sending it to your server. This requires that the MX (Mail Exchanger) records at your DNS provider (domain registrar or hosting company) and updated to the ones provided by SpamExperts™. The process is quite simple and involves zero downtime.

MX records can be changed by your domain registrar or web hosting provider. You may also do it easily via your domain or hosting control panel. We often guide our clients as to who they need to speak with when updating their domain’s MX records.

Updating your MX records does not stop emails from arriving before or after the update.

There are no changes needed on your end-user devices.

Start with a 14-day FREE Trial*

Enjoy a 14-day ABSOLUTELY free trial of the SpamExperts™ incoming filtering service.

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