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Website Migration services.

Professional website transfer to your new host.
Need a seamless site migration? At Spiderz, we offer Website Migration Services to help businesses transfer their websites from one host to another, or from any host to our servers. Whether you're looking to migrate your website to a Linux server, a Windows server, or make a hosting provider switch, our team ensures a smooth web server transfer process. As a leading provider of site migration services in the UAE, we ensure that your website experiences zero downtime during the transfer.

Site Migration Services

Smooth transition to your new host:

  • Migrate to Linux or Windows servers.
  • Complete file, database, and email migration.
  • DNS and domain switch support.

Starting from AED 750, per website*.

Website Migration Services at Spiderz are designed to help businesses experience a smooth and hassle-free transition when they decide to change their hosting provider or switch servers.

Our services are comprehensive and cover every aspect of the migration process. This includes the transfer of files, databases, and emails. We also offer support for both Linux and Windows server migrations, catering to a wide range of business needs and technical requirements.

One critical aspect of our service is our attention to DNS and domain changes. We understand the complexities involved in such changes and ensure that they are managed meticulously to prevent any disruptions to your website’s functionality or its visibility on search engines.

What sets our Website Migration Services apart is our commitment to ensuring a seamless site migration. We understand that your website is a crucial part of your business operations, and any downtime can have significant impacts. Therefore, we make it our priority to minimize, if not eliminate, downtime during the migration process.

Our team of experts takes a proactive approach to identify and handle any potential issues that may arise during the transfer. Their vast experience and technical expertise allow them to foresee possible complications and address them effectively.

Website Migration Services at Spiderz are designed to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and reliable transition experience. Whether you’re moving your website to a new host or switching servers, you can trust us to handle the process with utmost care and professionalism.

Features & Benefits

Seamless site migration for a smooth web hosting transition.

Hassle-free Transfer

Every aspect of your website migration process handled meticulously, ensuring a seamless transition to your new server.

Compatibility Check

Full pre-migration compatibility checks with your new host, reducing the possibility of issues post-migration.

Zero Downtime

Advanced migration techniques to maintain website accessibility during the transfer, post-transfer testing.

Expert Support

Migration team to respond to queries and provide support throughout and after the migration process.

Questions & Answers

Website migration is the process of transferring a website from one host to another. This can include moving to a Linux or Windows server, or simply switching hosting providers.

The duration of the migration process can vary based on the size and complexity of the website. Our team will provide an estimated timeline after assessing your website.

We aim for a seamless site migration that does not affect your website’s availability.

We typically require access to your current hosting account or server, including cPanel FTP/FTPS/SSH access and any relevant control panel access. We’ll also need access to your domain DNS settings if they are changing.

Yes, one of our primary goals during the migration process is to ensure your website functions the same way on the new host as it did on the old one. We conduct pre-migration testing to ensure that your transferred site is working as expected.

Absolutely, we specialize in helping businesses migrate their websites to Linux servers. We handle all aspects of the migration, ensuring a smooth transition.

Yes, we also offer services for migrating websites to Windows servers. Our team of experts will manage the entire process, ensuring your website is fully functional on the new server.

If you’re looking to switch hosting providers, we can certainly assist with that. We’ll handle the entire process of moving your website to the new host, ensuring all aspects of your site are properly transferred and functional.

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