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Everything but the kitchen sink.
Spiderz is essentially the finest web services packaged in one big bundle—all managed, so the hassle and pain of dealing with technology is taken away. Here's a little glimpse of what it's like, besides the peace of mind it gets.
A brand-new, custom-designed website for a standout online presence.
Periodic design refreshes to ensure your website remains modern and engaging.
An e-commerce store with comprehensive features for digital sales.
Unlimited standard email addresses (IMAP/POP3) for your entire team.
Premium email options with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.
Plenty of storage for your website and email accounts.
Effective spam filtering for a clean and secure inbox, free of unwanted emails.
SSL security for secure, encrypted data transmission for all your domains.
Top-tier state-of-the-art security with Imunify360 web security suite.
Mobile and tablet friendly design so your site looks great and functions seamlessly.
SEO-optimized content to boost your website’s visibility and ranking in search.
Content updates including text and image changes, to keep your site current.
Reliable weekly backups stored for up to 180 days, ensuring your data safety.
Annual performance reviews to maintain optimal website functionality.
Comprehensive Help Center with resources and guidance for your IT teams.
cPanel, an easy-to-use control panel, for effortless management of your sites.
Priority support so you get fast and helpful service whenever you need assistance.
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