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Digital IT Services

Digital solutions for a rapid, changing business landscape. Ready to deploy at the click of a button. Free to try for up to 1-Year in advance*.

Growth, Marketing & Sales

Systems design and development for the web — intranets and portals.

Websites for business.

Websites that make you look shiny and all.
Shiny and new websites? YES! At Spiderz, we specialize in designing websites for business. Our platform of choice for web design is WordPress. WordPress is world-renowned web publishing software that helps enable various features required by websites, including SEO and e-Commerce. If you're looking for a web design team that can help build your next web experience, or manage your sites over the years, give us a shout. We do it all the time, day in and out. Gosh, that almost rhymes! 🙂

Powered by WordPress

Designed on WordPress using the latest and greatest themes and plugins.

  • Fast, responsive (mobile friendly) websites.
  • Easy-to-read, freshly written content.
  • Optimized pages (SEO) and images (compression).
  • Blog posts so you can write.

To get pricing information, tell us more about your project.

Reviews & Praise

“A smart and creative company for website development. Customer friendly and professional services.”
Sagar Deshpande
Coordinator, Al Pride
“Excellent! Very impressed by their work as well as the team's professionalism and customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
Mohsin Ali
President, Scorpions Cricket club
“Really happy with the service. Quick response to all the requests and clear communication. Our website also is exactly the way we wanted it to be! Thank you!!!!!”
Gia Papadopoulou
Creative Director, Giabianca

Questions & Answers

Traditionally websites are hand-coded in HTML and CSS for structure and form, while JS and PHP are used for functionality. WordPress works more like a visual tool, that comes with pre-built features for doing all the hard work someone would labor on in code. WordPress also allows for the extension of its core function of publishing content, to enable various features needed by websites, e.g. SEO and e-Commerce. So in that respect, a website built on WordPress has the potential to achieve more when compared to a site coded by hand.

We need a design brief with information about your project. We also require your logo, product and service information and professionally shot photos (when applicable, e.g. your products). Besides this, we may need any available site content.

Your website is mobile and tablet friendly, out-of-the-box. More people are accessing the web on their phones and tablets than ever before. If your site doesn’t display properly on a mobile or tablet screen, you risk losing potential customers. Every site we build is responsive and appears customized for mobiles and tablets.

We write content for websites and blogs. 

Finding the right photography can be a challenge. So we use Shutterstock (paid), Unsplash (free) and Pexels (free) for stock photos and video, as and when suitable.

A prime position on Google’s front page can be a boon for your business. Getting there is no longer as easy as it used to be, but we make it our mission to ensure our clients get the most out of their SEO.

To find out, please get in touch. A typical website would require moderate investment of both time and money.

To find out, please get in touch. A typical website would require a month or two of development.

Yes, we support all new websites for 90 days after launch. Thereafter, we charge a fee for maintaining your website.

Payments are an integral part of websites. We can do this for you easily.

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