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Everything’s new around here…

In the first instance, Spiderz is all new! We’ve re-rooted to an all-in-one web services and solutions super suite. So all the shenanigans related to pricing individual products, writing quotes for them, and the overhead this all brings, are right out the door.

We have subscription plans now. Each plan is a carefully put-together bundle of services. You subscribe to the plan that’s closest to what you need. Then it’s the opposite of DIY madness. We do everything for you, so if it’s your website, we get behind designing it, then host it, then take care of backups, and promotion, if you need that. Every subscription takes you a little closer to your goal of being online, and being a tad more visible than before.

This effort has taken us some time. It required a complete rethink of what we do and how we do it. It was nerve-wracking at times, and at other times we simply wanted to stop. For all I know, it took us the better half of twenty years to get here. And we’ve written a book about it. ‘Reroot’ will be out in 2024, and it will tell the story of Spiderz.

For the time being, this post will do. I’ll head back and get behind a few other things that must be done to get the new site up and running.

So until the next one, spin your web!

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