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How’s 50% off?

It’s not bad at all. It’s tremendous! Let me tell you why.

Spiderz is a web services and solutions super suite powered by humans. This means we take care of all aspects of your online presence.

Most businesses often maintain a singular web presence, so they subscribe to one of our plans, and that’s about it. It does the job.

Yet, there are many clients who have multiple projects or sites that need more done, so they branch out into multiple subscriptions. Say, someone who runs two companies instead of one.

In such cases, the cost of maintaining two sets of everything becomes expensive and harder to afford, especially when you’re bootstrapping your second project.

And that’s where the Spiderz 50% off discount kicks in!

If you order a second subscription and pay annually, you get 50% off. So, your second project costs a full 50% less than planned.

What’s more, your first subscription renews at 50%. And, if you order more than two, well, you get 50% off then as well.

The 50% off applies when you stay on the same plan. If you upgrade or downgrade, you pay the usual price. The next year on, you get 50% off, again.

Is this confusing? Ah, my head’s spinning a bit. But keep an eye on your invoices. If you see a 50% off discount applied, think of it as a tiny gift from Spiderz.

One you weren’t expecting anyway! 😉

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