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Created by Valerie Lammfrom the Noun Project

Free Spam Filtering FAQ

Is there a catch?

Nope. However, you must be a registered business in the UAE with a valid trade license from a UAE licensing authority to avail this offer.

How does the filter work?

Do I have to change my email provider?

No, SpamExperts™ works with your existing email provider be it cPanel, Plesk, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365 and Microsoft 365. It works with your current provider, adding an additional layer of protection to your inbox.

Do we have to update MX records?

Yes, the filter works by receiving all email that is received by your domain, filtering it and then sending it to your server. This requires that the MX (Mail Exchanger) records at your DNS provider (domain registrar or hosting company) and updated to the ones provided by SpamExperts™. The process is quite simple and involves zero downtime.

Is there any downtime?

No, updating your MX records does not stop emails from arriving before or after the update.

Will my email client settings change?

No, there are no changes needed on your end-user devices.

What does the spam filter cost next year?

The SpamExperts™ Incoming Filter costs AED 350/year1 plus VAT after the first year of free use.

Will you update my MX records?

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