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Widgets for Productivity

Handy widgets to simplify your daily tasks. From an Alphabetical List Sorter to a Random Password Generator, our productivity widgets are designed to save you time and improve your workflow. And they're ad-free, so no silly distractions!
Sort multiple lines of text alphabetically, in ascending or descending order.
Count the number of characters in text.
Extract a list of emails from a blob of text.
Convert a list of hashtags to a list of comma delimited values.
Convert a list to comma separated values (comma-delimited).
Randomize a list of items, text, numbers or both.
Sort numbers (whole and decimal) in ascending or descending order.
Generate secure and unique passwords in a matter of seconds.
Count the number of words in text.
Find a word in a body of text and replace it with another word or phrase.
Find the number of times a word or phrase occurs in a body of text.
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